Making Your Trade Show Booth the Go-To Stop Making Your Trade Show Booth the Go-To Stop
By Elizabeth     /     Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Making Your Trade Show Booth the Go-To Stop

Inventive, eye-catching trade show booth designs draw in the crowds you need to make attending a show worthwhile. Custom trade show exhibits require a financial outlay, but they offer a healthy return on investment. The right display generates sales leads while helping you network, make contacts, and form business partnerships.

Of course, your display is competing with every other vendor at the show. You must stand out from the crowd to be noticed. Combining a careful eye for booth display with the best trade show giveaway gives your booth an edge over the competition. Here’s a few strategies you can employ at your next trade show.

Create Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Displays for tradeshows must make a positive first impression within seconds, or attendees will gravitate to rival displays. An effective display works with your brand image to catch the eye, utilizing clearly located products, demonstrations, and a dedicated area to highlight trade show giveaways like t-shirts, hats, and USB drives.

Keep your audience’s needs in mind when considering trade show booth designs. Attendees should be able to quickly locate the products or services they’re interested in exploring. Outfitting your salespeople and booth attendants in promotional workwear makes them highly visible to anyone seeking more information about your product.

The Best Trade Show Giveaways

Displays for tradeshows should be well-stocked with intriguing promotional items and giveaways. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when considering tradeshow giveaways—an unusual promotional item can make a lasting impression.

Ten of the Best Trade Show Giveaways:

  1. Promotional pens may be a ubiquitous giveaway, but their practical nature makes them a valued trade show gift. Go the extra mile for higher-quality pens to give you an edge over the competition.
  2. Water Bottles are a popular trade show gift. Add a water cooler to your booth so attendees can top up their free water bottles and you’ll attract thirsty attendees to your displays.
  3. Coffee Mugs are another giveaway that’ll draw people to your booth, especially if you happen to have free coffee on hand to fill said mugs.
  4. USB Drives can serve a dual purpose as tradeshow giveaways. They’re useful, sure, but they can also help deliver your message. Install PowerPoint presentations and white papers on USB drives in advance, so attendees can easily access information on your product or service after the show ends.
  5. Stress Toys like the Brain Stress Reliever are fun little gifts that stand out from the usual pen and pencil offerings.
  6. Tote Bags can be used to package your other tradeshow giveaways. Tote bags have the advantage of being put to use almost immediately. Attendees will need a bag to carry all their trade show loot, so why not give them a tote bag that spreads awareness of your booth throughout the show floor?
  7. Plush animals are whimsical tradeshow giveaways. A Fuzzy Friends Bear is likely to wind up in attendees’ offices, or given as a gift to their own children. Either way, they’ll see your logo regularly.
  8. Magnets are some of the best trade show giveaways. They’re small, easy to pack into traveling bags, and equally useful at home or work. 12-month calendar magnets, in particular, are popular giveaways.
  9. Tools like the Everything Tool Keychain are practical little gifts likely to see lots of use while improving brand awareness.
  10. Beanies offer an alternative to T-shirts and hats. Small enough to be easily transported, a fleece beanie will quickly be used during fall and winter trade shows.

Give attendees reason to display your promotional gifts by asking them to sign up for a contest. Make the prize something really attractive, like a Carhartt jacket, travel bag, or beverage gift set.

Add Engagement to Your Trade Show Booth Designs

Tradeshow attendees tend to congregate where they see crowds and line-ups, as any booth attracting crowds probably has something worth seeing. Make your booth as appealing as possible by adding interactive elements. Videos, touch screens, hands-on demonstrations, and virtual reality are sure to catch people’s attention. A coffee machine or charging station for smart devices can also draw in large crowds.

Quick Tips for a Successful Trade Show

  • Market yourself before the show—send free invitations to established clients.
  • Set up a mailing list at your booth to compile visitor information.
  • Train your sales people ahead of the tradeshow and have them work the floor in promotional clothing, attracting attention back to the booth.
  • Network more than you sell. Trade shows are about building prospective leads more than closing deals.
  • Prepare in advance. Creating custom trade show exhibits takes time.
  • Reach out to prospective leads / business contacts the day after the show. Sooner is better than later.

Heading out to a trade show in the near future? Contact the experts at Triple Crown Products for giveaway inspiration and product design! 

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