How to Stay Warm at a Football Game: A Survival Guide for Parents How to Stay Warm at a Football Game: A Survival Guide for Parents
By Elizabeth     /     Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How to Stay Warm at a Football Game: A Survival Guide for Parents

As the parent of a football player, you know that sitting in the stands cheering your kid on can quickly turn into a chilly situation during the fall and winter seasons. Knowing how to stay warm at a football game allows you to enjoy the action without having to worry about getting hypothermia.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers helps you adapt quickly to changing temperatures by removing or adding layers as needed. Start with a heavyweight T-shirt followed by a flannel shirt (available in men’s or women’s styles). Finish off with a weatherproof down jacket. If it’s really cold, or if you just want to show some team spirit, pull an oversized team jersey over everything else.

Six Cozy Fall and Winter Jackets

Not sure what type of jacket will help you stay warm at a football game? Here are six fall and winter jackets to shield you from the weather as you enjoy the game:

Want to outfit a team’s worth of parents with jackets? Triple Crown Products offers free embroidered logos with every order of twelve or more Carhartt Jackets.

Keep Your Hands and Head Warm

Back when you first learned how to stay warm outside, you were probably told we lose eighty percent of our body heat through our head. The real amount is closer to ten percent, but that doesn’t mean headgear won’t help you stay warm (and possibly even ward off frostbite). A fleece beanie will shield your ears from the wind. (Right now, receive a free beanie with select jacket purchases from Triple Crown Products). If the temperature really plummets, a face mask provides more protection from winter’s cold bite. Don’t forget your gloves and scarf!

Choose Flannel-lined jeans

Jackets are all fine and well for your upper body, but how will your legs stay warm at a football game? We recommend these flannel-lined pants for men and flannel-lined jeans for women. If that’s not enough to keep your lower extremities warm, consider a pair of thermal underwear bottoms. Wrapping a warm blanket around your legs also helps keep the cold at bay.

If your feet aren’t warm, it’s almost impossible to stay comfortable at a football game. Consider doubling up on socks and choosing a pair of cozy boots.

Staying Warm with Stadium chairs

Anyone who knows how to stay warm outside knows wet clothing chills you quickly. Stadium seating may be wet or simply too cold to sit on comfortably, so pack your own stadium seat, preferably emblazoned with your team’s name.

Warm up Your Insides

No matter how cold it gets in the stands, a thermos of hot chocolate or soup helps you feel warm and cozy. The Cinna steel flask and cup set provides all you need for a warm mug of your favorite hot drink as you cheer the kids on to victory.

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